Thursday, February 28, 2008

Video: Denver High Society Shudders as Call Girl Blows Whistle on Denver Club Wild Sex Parties

There's trouble my friends, and it starts with "D" and it stands for "Denver" where an investigation revealed alleged orgies, drugs, and prostitution at the high society Denver Club. In this interview, one hooker makes a good point: the call girls' names are given in arrest papers, but clients are protected from having their names released.

"There was a crime on both sides," the woman said in a concealed interview with CBS.Among the details: Denver Bronco team members, lawyers, investment bankers, and oh yes: a fluffy robe embroidered with the mayor's name.

The Rocky Mountain high rollers who belong to the Denver Club, where the Denver Players escort service reportedly operated, are busy issuing denials.

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  1. Hi. Denver has, up until now, presented itself as defending women in prostitution issues. The city treats prostitution as a crime against women when the prostitute is female. The city has gone so far as posting its "Johns" page in the newspaper, on its web page:, and with some frequency on Channel "8."
    I am curious as to why the city is dragging its feet with this issue as there are tax records and client lists that have been reported as credible. Thanks, moondoggie


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