Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Facebook: Viral News, Your News!

Hang it up, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox and all you other "news" sites. The Facebook News Network has arrived.And it's hot, hot hot!

From the irritatingly peppy news music to the eagle-eyed staff, whiplashing from camera angle to camera angle, the Facebook News Network brings you the news from Facebook. Who has a new friend? Who added a new video?

And incredibly importantly, hard-hitting news on what someone who you don't yet know (but you can change that!) is doing somewhere. In this groundbreaking news venture, the FNN team takes it to the wall. Yes, they dare all with "in your face" reports from comments left on walls.

FNN's got game. It's got video, too. We predict that FNN will soon be among the top, top, top items on YouTube.

And that Stephen Colbert will be jealous. Stephen, what's on your wall?

FNN: no wars, murders, financial scandals, nasty weather, missing kids or other airwaves clutter, just real people news in the ultimate crowdsourcing. It's viral, virtual, and highly viewable.

The only questions are: how long will it take for the FNN to win its first Emmy?

And most importantly of all, when will my Facebook news make it to FNN?

In other breaking news, Mashable wants to know if you should be allowed access to social networking at work. Get in on this early. Heck, Facebook it. You might wind up a star!

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