Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stacy Peterson Sighting?

In another weird development, the AP in Chicago is reporting that Stacy Peterson may have been sighted -- according to her media-mugging husband, former police sergeant Drew Peterson.

Attorney Joel Brodsky has alleged that Peterson, who is under scrutiny for the mysterious death of third wife Kathleen Savio and the disappearance of fourth wife Stacy, has received anonymous mail. Although Brodsky won't release any details beyond the claim of a sighting and letter, he claimed that the anonymous letter described chatting up Stacy in a grocery store in Peoria.

Peterson's also on the hot seat with his former employer, the Bolingbrook police department. Although officials accepted his pension-saving retirement over the objections of Police Chief Ray McGury, that pension may be in jeopardy.

Illinois state police say that they've uncovered evidence of potential crimes committed by Peterson while still working as a police officer. Peterson's rush retirement effectively blocked McGury and the department from launching an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct.

Peterson was previously fired for revealing the identity of an undercover officer to a known killer. He managed to get his job back.

Allegations of abuse throughout at least three of of his four marriages, and an engagement Peterson says he can't remember, continue to surface. Now an anonymous letter, claimed by Peterson and handed off to Brodsky for, apparently, publicity purposes, joins the mix of this increasingly bizarre affair.

And oh yes, Peterson made it onto the cover of People Magazine. Meawhile, cops who are doing their jobs, without abuse reports from wives and women, and without misconduct reports and firing offenses, don't get much media attention.

Maybe an anonymous letter from Elvis would help balance that out?

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