Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tornado Eyewitness Account: Sirens Didn't Give Warning in TN, Family Survives in Ditch

A brother's warning may have saved the lives of his sister and her family in Huntersville, Tennessee as tornadoes raked through the area, killing at least two people in the small town.

A local area resident told the Peanut crew that tornado sirens failed to go off in Huntersville.
A phone call from a worried brother, who saw the tornado track heading straight for his hometown, sent one family racing out of their house and into a nearby ditch. They rode out the tornado holding onto each other and the earth as the tornado shrieked overhead.

Two family members, including one child, were hospitalized with injuries. Their home was knocked off its foundation. For privacy reasons, the family has requested that their name not be used at this time.

With the father and one daughter in the hospital, the family is grateful to be alive. Damage estimates on the home aren't yet available.

There are unconfirmed reports of deaths in that area.

A montage of storm videos and photos with a background of President George Bush's pledge to help hard-hit areas.

Click here for tornado videos and photos.

The Huntersville tornado siren that survivors said failed to sound during Tuesday night's tornadic outbreak.

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