Monday, March 17, 2008

McCain Visits Iraq; Where's Obama & "God Damn America"? Hillary Issues Iraq Plan

Republican presidential contender John McCain is visiting the troops in Iraq. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is busy trying to dig himself out of a hole for his decades of support for his anti-American, anti-white pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Hillary Clinton comes out swinging as she presents her plan for handling Iraq. She says it won't be easy.

At least she's focusing on real issues facing our country, and complimenting our troops. Obama, meanwhile, continues on the "me, me, me" narcissism trail, but this time, not even adoring media can cover his gigantic problems with being revealed as "the great divider."

Michelle Obama has told us that with her husband's ascension to the spotlight she is finally proud of her country. After attending a prime magnet school, Princeton, and Harvard, and having a six-figure job, she's also been busy telling middle and lower-class Americans that they shouldn't try to get jobs in corporate America.

Her salary in corporate America was doubled when her husband gained power in Chicago and Illinois politics. But Michelle Obama, whose thesis talked about how she was disenfranchised at Ivy League schools and in society, wants others, who probably will never have a shot at Princeton or Harvard, to avoid seeking business success.

The Obamas had their children baptized and taught by Wright, and faithfully attended church at Trinity United Church of Christ, whose articles of faith include allegiance first to Africa. Wright's attacks include allegations that the US created HIV/Aids and introduced it to Africa to get rid of blacks.

Obama now is desperately trying to prove that he wasn't in church on just one day of many when Wright declared "God Damn America." Still to come: fallout when people really get into Obama's book, especially the part where he declares that when the going gets tough, he will stand with Muslims.

Yea, yea, Obama finally, under extreme pressure, condemned Wright's comments. Acting as though his "spiritual mentor's" views were a news flash to him, Obama tried to distance himself from 20 years of support.

Or was it? There are two Obama stories about church now. When questions were asked about his attendance at a Muslim school, and possible Muslim ties, Obama and his campaign went full speed ahead with his Christian dedication to Wright's church.

Supposedly, Obama was a faithful supporter and attended regularly. Now, however, Obama seems to be busy noting how often he missed church, and how much he didn't know about Wright's beliefs and published statements.

McCain goes to Iraq, Hillary addresses Iraq issues, and Obama is doing the shuffle about his real church attendance, and his support for "God Damn American."

You choose: God Damn America, or God Bless America? Barack Obama is making the division between the two philosophies very clear--for those who want to hear and get past the Obamas' hypocrisy.

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