Monday, March 10, 2008

Sex Scandal: New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Admits Prostitution Use

The irony: Spitzer, who presented himself as a poster boy for battling corruption, and was once touted as a possible vice-presidential candidate for Wesley Clark, now may be remembered as "#9" in an indictment for prostitution. When he was inaugurated, Spitzer said "Some public officials may not want to face stricter ethics rules..."

Here's a copy of the official document, which includes statements that Client #9 may ask a prostitute for sexual favors not normally deemed "safe."

New York state government right now is at a halt, with confusion reigning. No one quite knows who's in charge or for how long. Whether or not David Patterson has taken the oath of office, or if official papers are being circulated, is a mystery.

A major question: why did Spitzer not make a clean break with a resignation and then a statement? No one yet knows, but the fallout is only beginning.

Still coming: effects on tomorrow's Mississippi primary. With Barack Obama and HIllary Clinton duking it out, the ripple effect of a liberal governor who campaigned on a platform of change is yet to be seen.

This just in: New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is preparing a press conference today on his links to a prostitution ring. Update: Spitzer, once hailed as the "future of the Democratic party" by New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, is expected to resign today.

The New York Democrat may say he's linked to an international online prostitution ring. Seven people have been charged in the "Emperor's Club" ring.

Spitzer has also been under fire over a multi-million dollar loan given to him by his father, Bernard Spitzer, during his 1998 campaign for state Attorney General. The loan may have circumvented campaign contribution regulations.

Switzer is married and has three children, and has presented himself as a family man who is tough on crime.


  1. Youtube.."Headline News Politics".My case and video was forwarded to then former New York State Attorney Generals Office Eliot Spitzer.

    Please read about the video and the comments.

  2. This is pretty scary stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

    Do you think Eliot Spitzer deliberately blocked prosecution of this guy?

  3. FOX NEWS reported today that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has been enlisting the services of a high-priced prostitution ring. As FOX reported, this prostitution ring was said to be international and was being investigated by the IRS. The fact that a politician has cheated on his wife and is involved in a sex scandal is not a big surprise. The big surprise is that it’s Governor Eliot Spitzer, the once dubbed “Mr. Clean”.

    In October of 2004, Daniel Gross wrote an article where he detailed the perception of then Attorney General Eliot Spitzer:

    “Spitzer has emerged as the most consequential political figure. He may be America's most powerful politician outside Washington. He has transformed a sleepy office into the nation's dominant regulator and re-engineer of the financial services industry—all in the name of protecting consumers”.

    Gross went on to talk about how Spitzer had successfully prosecuted Wall Street Bankers, Insurance companies and anyone else he could nab for violating the smallest of regulations. Spitzer over the years became an advocate of strong Wall Street ethics. Using his elected post, Spitzer launched investigations into big Wall Street firms suspected of defrauding consumers.

    The damage done to Wall Street firms and individual stockholders was in the tens of millions of dollars. A company doesn’t need to be found guilty of violating any laws or regulations to feel the wrath of Spitzer. The mere perception that comes with being under investigation causes stock prices to plummet. Spitzer has always appeared to be riding on a white horse, free from error and far from fault.

    We see today that Governor Spitzer was far from being “Mr. Clean” and represents today’s “World’s Biggest Hypocrite”! I find it fitting that the man that pointed more fingers than a busy Wall Street trader finds himself embroiled in a sex scandal. Ironic, that a man that tried to find fault with some of the largest employers in the country has emerged as one of the most dishonest people in the public eye.

    My heart goes out to his family, who must be going through an extremely embarrassing and emotional time. In my opinion, if your wife can’t trust you, then how in the world do you expect your constituents to trust you? If you can’t be loyal to your marriage vows, then how can you be loyal to the voters? If you are spending your time trying to sneak away to undisclosed locations to carry on an affair, then how on earth can you be focused on the duties you have been elected to carry out? The answers to all these questions now are not as important as what the answer to this scandal is. Governor Eliot Spitzer needs to resign and the sooner the better. The issues important to the citizens of New York are more important than one man’s political aspirations.

    Nathan Taylor


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