Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rowing The World's Oceans: UK Team To Try Unassisted NY to Europe Atlantic Crossing

And the owl and the pussycat set to sea--that aside, four men from the United Kingdom are setting out to join others in challenging the Atlantic Ocean--by rowboat. Amazingly, there's an entire organization dedicated to Ocean Rowing: the Ocean Rowing Society.

Among the list of ocean rowers: Roz Savage of Great Britain, who's aiming to be the first woman to row across the Pacific Ocean solo, in three stages, from the USA to Australia. The UK team that was scheduled to shove off from the New York's Hudson River today include Chris Jenkins, Tim Garratt, Wayne Davey and Joby Newton.

The UK team is trying for the first "unassisted row" record, meaning they'll have no food, drinks, or other human contact until they reach land at Scilly. You can track their progress here.

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