Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Break from Federal Gas Taxes Part of New McCain "Jobs for America" Economy Bailout Program

Sen. John McCain will take a bold step forward today as he addresses the state of America's economy and promises to balance the budget. McCain's proposal, called "Jobs for America," includes these points:
--summer suspension of federal gas taxes at the pump
--action to stop families from losing their homes in current credit crisis; refusal of taxpayer dollars to bail out those who preyed on consumers
--dismantling the pork barrel stuffed via earmarks
--assisting small businesses, including energy costs
--tax credits for R&D (research and design) work
--exporting more American goods and strengthening U.S. markets abroad
--expand use of domestic gas and oil and punish oil market speculators
--$300 million prize for development of battery power for cars
--cheaper medications
--more attention paid to chronic diseases
--make health insurance more portable as Americans change jobs
--ban internet taxes and new cellphone usage taxes
--adding more training and job resources to unemployment provisions.

Mike Allen of Politico has a thorough analysis and the entire proposal. McCain has been speaking out on the crisis in home mortgages as well as reaching out on his Latin American tour.

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