Monday, October 15, 2007

Fox News: Open for Business

Fox News debuted its newest venture, Fox Business Channel (FBC), today.

What's it all about, Alfie? If you listen to Media Matters and other liberal pundits, you'd believe that the new venture is the coming of the Anti-Christ. Fangs out, they've pre-criticized:

"..viewers can expect from the Fox Business Network team: rampant falsehoods, statements praising the Bush administration, suggestive questioning, scantily clad women, and celebrities discussing the news of the day."

This is, of course, in comparison to rampant falsehoods praising liberal leaders, suggestive and combative questioning, scantily clad women, and celebrities now available on other primetime channels. Even before the venture launched, some pots readily clattered about calling a new kettle black--even before it was unwrapped and hung over the stove.

What is the new venture like? I checked out their new website. It's red, gold, and glitzy. And right now, a bit glitchy.

My registration didn't process. One story had open coding in it. The detachable markets tracker didn't detach.

The top of the front page offers three marquee-style headlines. If you choose "more news," the marquee flips to another story. Click "more news" again, and you're back to the first story. Apparently, the three marquee headers are intended to only flip back and forth between two stories in each panel, somewhat like hypertext ping pong paddles.

Other content includes polls, business tools (calculators, etc.), "partner content," and advertising. In short, pretty much like the rest of the pack.

Given that their content so far is pretty much standard, it's obvious that Media Matters and the liberals are really upset about only one thing: Fox Business may deviate from the pack and not offer a liberal bias. And that, of course, would be awful, whereas a liberal stew is godly and good.

Pass me a platter of objectivity, please.

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