Sunday, October 14, 2007

Forcing Students Into Political Actions for Grades: The New Cult of "Social Justice"

Should students be forced to lobby state legislators, work on petition drives, or sign petitions for causes they don't believe in in order to pass college courses?

The National Association of Social Workers, in cahoots with universities and professors, has put students and their careers at risk with forced action and forced indoctrination. The National Association of Scholars has found an alarming trend on college campuses: forcing students to conform to political and ideological beliefs and actions. What is this cult-like activity?

It's the newest secular religion, and it's over-riding freedom of speech, religious beliefs, and a student's right to get an education without compromising their own beliefs. It goes by many aliases: "social justice," "economic justice," "oppression," and "discrimination."

Free thought? Analytical thinking? Perish those ideas, say the wardens of correct political thought and action. They'll tell you what to believe, and what actions to take.

And when their converts graduate, workplaces and communities wind up with workers dedicated not to finding solutions, but instead to assigning societal blame and enabling dysfunction. Read on, America. This is serious and deadly business, masquerading as education and public service.

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