Friday, December 21, 2007

Corvette ZR1: 600+ HP Hits the Streets in 2008

The legendary Corvette is poised to boldly go where no driver has gone before: up to 650 horsepower in the sleek new ZR1 edition. As rumors of the newly-redesigned 'vette raced through the automotive world, car fanciers have waited for the unveiling of a monster machine with the panache that is Corvette.

Adapted from the C6 version, the ZR1 was designed to be the fastest Corvette of all time. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said that the innovation team wanted to combine speed with a car easily handled at lower speeds. Look for the hot new model to draw star attention at next month's Detroit Auto Show.

Called "The Blue Devil" during earlier secret testing days, the ZR1 will be released in the summer of 2008. The sticker price: most likely starting at $100,000.

The outrage that no doubt will follow on the part of Al Gore and the Goristas: priceless.

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