Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Drew Peterson: Sued for Police Brutality

In BizarroLand, former Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson, suspected in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, and the disappearance of his four wife, Stacy Peterson, is being sued for police brutality.

Timothy Brownlee said that Peterson attacked him and broke his thumb after Brownlee was arrested after a neighborhood dispute. A judge threw the charges out of court.

Brownlee, who said that he was also called "the n-word" is suing Peterson, two other officers, and the scandal-ridden Bolingbrook Police Department. Brownlee, whose troubles began when he decided to barbecue in his backyard, said that he's afraid of Peterson.

Peterson's attorney and fellow bon vivant Joel Brodksy said that he thought the State's Attorney would handle the case properly. Memo to Joel: a civil lawsuit doesn't fall under the province of the State's Attorney, who handles criminal matters.

Brodsky and Peterson have also been in a snit about what they term "leaks" from grand jury proceedings looking into the death of Savio and the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. Brodsky demanded a special prosecutor to investigate those "leaks."

Memo to Brodsky: people who appear before the grand jury may talk about their testimony. Speaking of leaking, is there any bigger media manipulator and hog than Peterson himself?

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  1. I think every day there is more shocking news in this truely Bizarro-land story. What seems even stranger to me is that he funneled money from his home equity loan to his son so that Stacy could not get a hold of it. Even if he was livid that she left him for another man, wouldn't he just want her to come forward and say she was alright first? If she took the money from the line of credit, couldn't she be found then and he could sue her for it? And then there is news that wife # 3's family, the Savio's are going to sue him civily for a wrongful death of Kathleen. Drew's comments were, what a bunch of money grubbers! Well, Drew, if they believe you killed her and benefited from life insurance and sale of your house, you BET they are going to sue you.


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