Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa Installs New High-Tech Sleigh Unit at NASA'S Kennedy Space Center

We all know that NORAD is tracking Santa around the world tonight, but did you know that Santa will be landing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida?

Using the oh-so-successful Canadian robot arm used on the International Space Station and Space Shuttle missions, Santa conferred with NASA engineers and built a new tool to help get the toys to children. Called the EXtra-Manual Aid System (X-MAS), the new component on Santa's sleigh will help Santa protect his joints in the weather as he gets presents out of his sleigh.

The reinder will take a grazing break at the Shuttle Landing Facility while Santa installs the new unit. For decades, Santa has had clearance to land at Kennedy Space Center during his world-wide travels.

Although I'm not allowed to discuss all the details, I can tell you that years ago, I helped manage Santa's yearly KSC touchdown and liftoff on Christmas Eve. What's Santa really like? Ahhhh, that I can tell you! He's just as wonderful as you ever imagined him to be.

This year, Santa's new X-MAS unit is the latest update to the other high-tech gadgets on his 2lst Century sleigh. We managed to get this top-secret look at Santa's sleigh shortly before his KSC maneuvers.

Although the Shuttle Landing Facility is closed to other traffic to protect Santa's privacy, we also captured this photo of a witness to Santa's visit.

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