Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto: A Light Against the Darkness

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We grieve today, and join Benazir Bhutto's family, and the people of Pakistan, in mourning, Twice Prime Minister of Pakistan, Bhutto was a bright light in an ever-darkening world stalked by the terrorists and hatred of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, jihadists, and radical Muslims.

Throughout the day, we have provided news coverage of Bhutto's tragic assassination. We intend to continue to follow this story. Bhutto, a woman of great courage and insight, was a long-time friend of the United States and the free world, without ever losing her love for her homeland and its potential.

In a region and culture that routinely devalues women, the loss of this one brave woman will carve rivers of pain and blood throughout the world. With this blow, Al-Qaeda, which has bragged that they targeted and killed Bhutto, has delivered a message to the world: we will kill those who seek to bring people out of bondage; we will kill those who dare all for freedom; we will shroud the world in hatred and violence.

The only question remaining is: will we allow these barbarians to claim death as their defining triumph, and to twist the world into a rictus of terror and pain? Benazir Bhutto said "no," and backed her passion for freedom with her own life.

Those of us who love freedom must do the same. The war on terrorism must continue if we are to have any chance of entering the 22nd century with freedom existing anywhere on planet Earth. The devils of darkness walk among us, and we must do whatever it takes to reclaim the light of the world.

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