Thursday, January 24, 2008

Killing Babe & Childhood: Three Little Pigs Style Book "Might Offend Muslims", Rejected for Award

At what point does short-sighted political correctness become just plain monumental stupidity and catering to extremists?

The UK offers up a poster child for nincompoopery as judges for the Bett award trash can a kiddies' book on construction as a career. Why? It used the old folk tale of The Three Little Pigs. Tsk, tsk, the panel sniffed.

Use of that well-known teaching symbol might, just might, offend Muslims. As the Times of London tells us, the book is already an award-winner.

Published by Shoo Fly Publishing, the computer-based interactive book uses several methods to teach about construction as a career. Focusing on literacy, design technology, computer skills, creative skills, and "good citizenship", The Three Little Cowboy Builders provides multiple learning tools.

Best find all copies of the well-loved children's movie "Babe" and burn them, right now. After all, its very existence might offend Muslims--or so the PC crowd would have you believe.

Offensive? Here's what's offensive: the oppression and suppression of human beings, the subjugation of women, the routine beating and killing of women over presumed "honor" slights, the take-over of entire cities in Europe where even the police don't dare go in no matter how heinous a crime because of Muslim violence, radical Muslims infiltrating Western countries, then using our freedoms to refuse to perform jobs they sought, and oh yes: the carnage of suicide bombings. Not to mention the jihad, 9-11, and continuing plots to murder citizens in non-Muslim countries as part of a global war of terror and cultural conquest.

Straighten those problems out first, and then we'll have the time to chat about possibly, maybe, offending Muslims with a children's book about career choices. If Muslims are so easily offended by Western culture, then they would be better served by not choosing to move to and live in cultures they find abhorrent.

If this book offers any so-called "insults," the PC panel has missed the most important element of all: the Wolf. You remember him? The big bad Wolf, who hates the fact that the little pigs are building houses, so he huffs, and puffs, and blows their houses down.

Until he encounters one well-built house that doesn't fall to him. Now, there's a moral in a story.

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