Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Drew Dumpster: Stacy Peterson Search Brings Out Volunteers; Drew Peterson Focuses on Media Spotlight for Himself

So far, Drew Peterson has blocked his children from testifying before the grand jury, gotten his guns back, posed for People magazine, invited numerous news shows to come into his home to film "Mr. Mom", said he wants a divorce, wanted to do a "win a date with Drew" radio promotion, and bragged about being a chick magnet. His natural match: attorney Joel Brodsky, who hams it up and laughs it up almost as much as Peterson.

The fact that third wife Kathleen Savio's death was finally ruled a homicide didn't affect Peterson at all in his rush to fame. He was too busy commenting on how women drive by his house, leave mash notes, and in general, want Drew.

Nice to know he's got his head in the game.

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