Friday, March 28, 2008

Grand Canyon Area Uranium Mining Ahead? Hearing Today on Controversial Proposal

One one hand, the government wants to allow uranium mining near the Grand Canyon. On the other hand, it wants to improve the Canyon's ecosystem. Environmentalists, park enthusiasts, and Native American tribes say that allowing potentially-dangerous, and definitely ugly, uranium mines near the Grand Canyon is risky -- and dirty-- business.

The Canyon area is part of not only a massive ecosystem, but it is also home to Native American tribes. The Havasupai people, for generations removed from the modern world, cling to their homes at the bottom of the Canyon.

The Hualapai Indians recently opened a glass-bottomed Skywalk over the western Grand Canyon. On hand to help them: NASA moonwalker Buzz Aldrin of the famed Apollo 11 lunar expedition.

Remote, mysterious, challenging, and beautiful--the Grand Canyon. But now the Park Service wants to allow dozens of new uranium mines in the area. The battle lines are being drawn.

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