Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton Under Fire for Not Being Under Fire While Obama Sat in Racist Church Damning America

The Barack Obama camp, of course, wasted no time in going negative with what Hillary Clinton calls "a minor blip." Frankly, the fatigue and jet lag of not only globe-trotting but thousands of trips is more believable as a cause of mistakes than is sitting in a hate-spewing , racist minister's church for 20 years and calling it "not agreeing." Obama still will not be able to dig his way out of the Jeremiah Wright mess.

In comparison, here's where Barack Obama spent a couple of decades, learning from the man he calls his mentor and spiritual advisor.

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    She lied or at the very least claimed she couldn't remember over 60 times in 60 minutes in front of Ken Starr. This is just one more example of how honest the Clintons are... they do not ever deserve the trust of America but they do deserve to be in jail.



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