Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Florida Taser-Like Stun Gun Maker Faces Federal Charges in High-Powered Taser Shoot-Out

A competitor to the now-notorious Taser Brand of electrical stun gun now faces a federal lawsuit for what the Security and Exchange Commission is calling "misrepresentation" that led to inflated stock prices on the NASDAQ exchange. It's not the first go-round in court for Stinger Systems of Tampa, Fl, either.

In 2004 their competitor TASER® International, Inc. (NASDAQ: TASR), filed a lawsuit United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina against Stinger Systems, Inc. . TASR 's press released alleged that "Stinger Systems has engaged in a pattern of false advertising and unlawful patent marking in violation of federal law."

Stinger, however, hasn't been shy about their competing claims. Among them:

"Stinger Systems is dedicated to offering the world's most state of the art stun technologies. Stinger's flagship product, the S-200 electronic immobilization device, is revolutionizing the industry bringing an all new stun wave form to the market. Packed with great take down power, the S-200's technology still allows for less current per pulse to enter the body than its competitors. In addition to incredible wave form circuitry, the S-200 is packed with revolutionary features like a cartridge eject system, off the shelf batteries, and a covered recessed cartridge.

Stinger Systems believes that its competition does not want to compete by comparing features on a head-to-head basis, as is evidenced by its competitor using old studies comparing its weapon to a previous model S-200 that is no longer in production. Fear of competition based on a product's merits should assist the law enforcement community to easily decide which company has a superior EID and technology."

But will those subdued by stun guns care which brand is used?

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