Friday, March 7, 2008

Raw Video: Camera Catches ARK Man Putting Ding Dongs in Dryers

Is this supposed to be performance art mocking Ding Dong days in Arkansas? Or maybe this vandalism is just well--vandalism.

If you're not sure what a Ding Dong is, we're here to help you out. A Ding Dong is a Hostess chocolate snack cake. The company says "The name Ding Dong came from the chiming bells used in Hostess' first television commercials and you'll be singing a happy tune every time you polish off a package."

Back to our vandal. Was he targeting other people's drying underwear in his Ding Dong escapade?

Charged in this Ding Dong caper: a Fed Ex driver from Missouri.

We don't even want to guess what he might do withHo Ho's. Again, we'll let Hostess explain this chocolate munchie to you: "Over the years, the tubular snack has enjoyed its share of laughs. In connection with the 1999 introduction of Nutty Ho Hos, which added chopped peanuts to the original roll, a search was launched for the country's nuttiest celebrity laugh - or ho ho. (We know what you're thinking, but not everyone laughs with a ha ha. Just ask Santa.) When the votes were tallied, Americans decided that comedian Eddie Murphy's laugh took the proverbial cake, followed by the kooky cackles of Phyllis Diller, Roseanne Barr and Pee Wee Herman."

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