Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Video: ELF "Eco-Terrorism" Torches Seattle Homes; Expert Explains ELF

An expert says that the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), allied with the Animal Liberation Front, isn't really so much a group as a philosophy. ELF invites people to take radical action in ELF's name.

And that name would be: arrogant cowards.

There are many good, positive ways to work to protect the environment. They all involve stepping out, and getting personally involved, with your name and face attached.

From writing letters to claiming a section of highway and cleaning it up, there's more work to do than workers. At the Peanut Patch, we've worked for solid environmental causes.

But turning into destructive raiders isn't the act of someone who cares about Planet Earth, the environment, or anything else. Instead, it's the act of those who would be self-anointed Darth Vaders, claiming the right to destroy at will.

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  1. Investor driven urban sprawl is a disease. Treatments for this disease may vary. As with cancer, lets work on prevention.


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