Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Edwards-Obama Question: Will John Edwards' Affair & Lies Taint Barack Obama & the Democratic Love Fest?

Admittedly, Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Barack Obama is "Mr. Slick" His Teflon rating is of a factor that's pretty much impossible to calculate in normal, rational, political terms. Perhaps one joke making the rounds sums it up the best: "Why did Barack Obama really go to Jerusalem? He wanted to see the manger where he was born."

Political joking aside, the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair and Edwards' year of lies are serious. At one point, he was one of the most likely, if not the most likely, pick to run with Obama as vice-president. Edwards had already run before, on the failed John Kerry ticket. Clearly, he's a Democratic party leader.

The Edwards affair could be an albatross not only for the Democratic party, but for Obama as well. Edwards is high on Obama; Obama's been high on Edwards, too--once their primary competition was over.

Democratic strategist Jenny Backus has termed Edwards a "good populist voice who sell Barack Obama." Obama, citing Edwards' "creditablity," said "I have no doubt that John Edwards can be extremely helpful to every demographic."

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