Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The O Report: Obama VP Search To Climax in Indiana With Evan Bayh

Someone swears Barack Obama will choose Kathleen Sebelius. Others swear it will be Kaine, or Bayh, or.....who? No matter who, the Obama camp is shrewd enough to get all the attention it can, for as long as it can, for this unique mating dance.

We predict: he'll flirt with Sebelius for the female vote. But who will he save the last dance for and take home? Evan Bayh. There's liberal glam and power in the Birch Bayh family name, and Obama knows it.

Bayh--Birch--saved Ted Kennedy's life. Caroline Kennedy is leading Obama's selection group.

Bayh--Birch--was the Senate's principal co-sponsor of the Equal Rights Amendment, an act that can be spun up into coin of the realm with Hillary Clinton voters. Althugh Bayh--Evan--is labeled a "centrist", the old adage of "the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree" will come into play.

Bayh--Birch--lost his presidential nominee chances to later-President Jimmy Carter. In essence, the party owes him one.

And, Bayh is a liberal's liberal. The Bayh name linkage to old-school liberalism will create a solid bond with long-time liberals and Obama's far leftist supporters.

Big daddy Bayh has clout, name recognition, and long-time, deep pocket backers. Many of those have been passed on to son Evan, along with his newer generation supporters.

The Bayh wing of the Democratic Party is large and very well-furnished with oversized liberal, wealthy Democratic antiques. Obama won't risk his run on a woman, nor a lesser-known Democrat who's still basically putting his house together with goods from the political version of Target stores.

Obama will go for the gold, in terms of name, prestige, power, money, and overall recognition value. Just as the Kennedys crowned Obama the successor to JFK, a Bayh pick for VP will firmly bobby pin that crown in place.

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