Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tortured to Death in Mexico: The Fate of American Horses Sold To Slaughter

Be forewarned--this story is graphic. The everyday cruelty dealt out to horses who are bought by horse traders for sale to slaughter houses is appalling.

he American mare swung her head frantically when the door to the kill box shut, trapping her inside. A worker jabbed her in the back with a small knife seven, eight, nine times.

Eyes wild, she lowered her head and raised it as the blade punctured her body around the withers, again and again.

At the 10th jab, she fell to the floor of this Mexican slaughterhouse, bloodied and paralyzed but not yet dead.

She would lie there two minutes before being hoisted upside down from a chained rear leg so her throat could be slit and she could bleed to death.

The primitive procedure at the Ciudad Juarez plant is now the fate of thousands of exported U.S. horses since court rulings have shut horse slaughter operations in the United States.

The roan mare was one of nearly 30,000 American horses shipped to Mexican processing plants this year, a 370 percent increase from the number recorded this time last year.

By the time she and her peers were led into this city-owned plant, they had typically traveled in packed trucks 700 miles or more, say the American traders who ship them.

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