Tuesday, October 2, 2007

From "Hot" to "Not", Some Cars Now Out of the Hit Parade

Ah, cars. I have to admit that I love them. If I could, I'd have a garage of cars, including a 1939 roadster with a rumble seat.

Americans do have love affairs with cars, but sometimes, we're fickle. Writer Tom Wilson gives us a list of formerly hot, hot cars that now are definitely chilled.

Among them: the Hummer. Unless you're looking for a small war to tool through, I'm not sure why a Hummer was ever a great idea.

Good news for me though--the Ford Mustang remains, as always, on the "hot" list. That makes me want to get busy and get mine (bright red, of course) out of the garage. A thorough cleaning, a beauty makeover, and a bit of engine work too.

Definitely time for a winter project--get the hot wheels rolling again!

Hot when it first landed, thanks to a shift in the environmental winds the Hummer H2 is now the redneck's parade float.

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by Tom Wilson

In the automotive fashion cycle, some cars go from hero-to-zero faster than junior-high socialites.

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