Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dancing Airman: If the Iowa Caucus is Boring You, This Video of Dean Tabrehan Marshalling Jets Will Set You to Dancing

He's now a celebrity--and all because of how this foxy Brit air marshall busts a move directing RAF jets, for a good cause. This event has raised thousands for cancer research.

28-year-old Dean Tabrehan dances Tornado jets into the sky, using music clips that range from YMCA to rap--and some other rhythms you wouldn't expect. It's a bit of cheeky Brit fun in a good cause.

Dance on, Dean. Can I have your autograph?

Oh yes--they'll be doing the caucus thing in Iowa tonight. How about we ask all the candidates to do what Dean did to raise money for charity? Say while directing the media and candidate buses around a parking lot.

Now that we'd pay to see.

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