Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nuclear & Social Fallout: After Bhutto's Killing, a Shell-Shocked Pakistan Explodes in Riots & Ethnic Tensions

As Pakistan's government gives conflicting stories of the cause of death for assassinated former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, and refuses outside investigatory help, Pakistan is exploding from within. Accusations of a coverup have now been joined with a flaring of ethnic tensions in this nuclear power nation.

Although the government is trying to pass off Bhutto's death as accidental while a shooter and a suicide bomber attacked her, people around the world aren't buying their story. In saying that Bhutto injured herself by falling down during the attack and hitting her head, the government is desperately trying to stop the tidal wave of declaring the truth: Bhutto is a martyr for freedom and her people, and she was assassinated in a skillful plot.

Unctously, government spokesmen have been saying how sad it is that Bhutto chose to stand up and wave at her supporters, thus leading to her falling down and causing her fatal injury. This cold, callous attempt to blame the victim while diverting attention from the government's failure to provide the reasonable security she had requested, and also distract attention from a plot, reveals why Bhutto returned home and gave her life to fight the current government.

Nuclear power, and Pakistan's people, are in the hands of duplicitous power-mongers and are at increasing risk from Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and jihadists. After Bhutto's assassination and the government's deceit, Pakistan is likely to slide backwards, thus giving terrorists exactly what they wanted.

A key question remains: why is the current government so quick to play into the terrorists' hands? Instead of shutting down investigations and turning away help, Pakistan's government should be seeking truth in an open way.

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