Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crisis at Kahnawá:ke: Bomb Threat Against Indian Children

Bomb threats against schools on the Kahnawá:ke Nation reserve near Montreal, Canada, locked down normal community operations today. Mohawk Peacekeepers swiftly moved to protect their community in responding to the threats against the indigenous community. An unidentified male called in the threat, which also included the Mohawk hospital.
As a precaution, schools and many community gathering places were closed down, with students either being sent home or to the Youth Center. Normal medical transportation was canceled, and those in need of urgent medications were told that medicines would be delivered.

Kahnawá:ke has a long and honorable history. Many people first identify Mohawks with the fabled ironworkers who built so many Canadian and American structures.

Fierce and independent, the Mohawk people at Kahnawá:ke joined in the 1990 Oka protest. They supported their relations at Kanesatak who battled to protect sacred lands and a cemetery from being seized by Oka for golf course and condominum development.

During the protest, Kahnawá:ke warriors, as directed by women leaders, blockaded Montreal's Mercier Bridge and at one point shut downRoutes 132, 138 and 207. Traditional Mohawk culture is a matriarchy, which often offends and confuses non-natives deployed against them.

At present, most students are either home or enroute home. Following an emergency plan, all facilities are being searched.

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