Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars Parade In; Red Carpet is Rolled Out

With the writer's strike settled, Oscar organizers say that this year's show is going to be "amazing." As the stars get buffed, pouffed, glittered, and prepped for the walk of the year, workers are getting things ready for the star-spangled moments.

Here at the Peanut patch, we hope that the Academy redeems itself from its fevered embrace of Brokeback Mountain. Although hailed as ground-breaking, it really wasn't at all.

For a much better look at the barriers society builds between people based on sexual preference, race, and class, the must-see film is Far From Heaven. Truly artistic on many levels, Far From Heaven is more than a scenic postcard for gay "rights," as was BB Mountain.

The Academy, alas, often forgets that its role is to judge the art of film making. Using movies as propped-up placards in a parade for whatever liberal cause is fashionable means that some worthwhile movies get overlooked simply because they lack the "right" message.

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