Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will Hillary Clinton Quit This Friday?

Will Hillary Clinton give up her campaign for the White House this Friday? Supposedly, she will--according to someone's dinner conversation with someone else.

Let's face it, this has been a weird presidential campaign. With the media serving primarily as a Barack Obama cheerleading squad, the Democratic campaign and seemingly endless debates have seemed like street theater, a high-priced busking for electoral votes.

In the Obama-Clinton Punch and Judy show, many are already counting Clinton out on a TKO. Apparently, the only cubic zirconia jewel left in the not-even-triple crown is the right to be the first to declare Obama king.

The "Hillary will bow out" story is posted here by blogger Jay Severin. Here at the Peanut Patch, we figure that the Drudge Report will slap down chips by tomorrow morning.

We don't know what Hillary Clinton is thinking. We haven't had dinner with anyone who's had dinner with someone who's highly-placed or "in the know".

But, looking up from our at-home, in-front-of-the-TV dinner, we do know this: she hasn't been given a fair shake before she's baked. The media and self-ordained pundits have been too busy tsk tsking Sen. Clinton as nothing more than Hillary Housewife Clinton.

Bottom line: regardless of our party affiliation, we Americans showed up for a presidential campaign, with issues in the forefront. What the Democrats, aided and abetted by leftists and the media (or is that redundant?), have given us is rhetoric, political cant, and the desperate search for a Kennedy-esque, Elvis-quality rock star (cue Obama)

The Republicans scrapped it out with substance and style. The Democrats, on the edge of the great Kennedy divide, have yearningly stampeded toward a Liberace-style road show.

We'll be honest here: Hillary Clinton isn't our candidate. But she's smart, serious, and has significant expertise--not that you'd know it by now. She's been fair game for the old power ploys meant to whittle down the little woman who thought she could.

And that, folks, just isn't right. If Hillary Clinton bows out early, it will be everyone's loss, and a triumph of spectacle over substance.

Our advice? Run, Hillary, run. Don't let yourself be forced out by media, bloggers, rumors, or anything else. Fight back.

Because frankly, we'd like to see a match-up between you and Republican John McCain. We figure that contest would get down to reality's core, instead of the current Democratic search for "Miss Congeniality."

And yes, we do want world peace (thank you, Sandra Bullock). But what we need to maintain our security at home, fight global terrorism, and be a world leader is more guts and less glitz.

And running for president as a woman, with Bill Clinton as baggage, took guts. Especially when no one assessed extra freight charges on Obama for his long-term support for indicted slumlord and political fixer Antoin "Tony" Rezko.

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