Sunday, April 27, 2008

Knock It Off, China: Cops Seize Knock-Off, Unsafe Chinese Military Weapons, Fashion, Toys and Batteries, Army Investigates

But it's no longer just about toys, fashion, and exploding electronics. The U.S. Army is investigating the delivery of old and possibly unsafe Chinese-made weapons to overseas troops.

There's an excruciating irony in all this: if any American company had steadily pumped out such a supply of dangerous and sub-standard goods, the government would have them shut down. Why don't they shut down the importing of Chinese good? Fair is fair.

Whether it's fashion, pet food, toys, or military weapons, it's been made clear: China's agenda is to sell and dominate the American market.They don't care about safety standards or consequences.

If it comes from China, boycott it. You'll be keeping yourself safer. If it looks like a fashion find and the price is "too good to be true," walk away. You'll be helping to stop the destruction of the American marketplace for legitimate sellers of legitimate goods.

If you condemn bank robberies, but take part of the money as a gift, are you not tacitly supporting the robbery? Same thing in buying knock-off goods and unsafe Chinese goods: you're supporting everything they're selling, unsafe toys to kids to killer pet food to unsafe weapons for U.S. soldiers in combat.

If you shop in a store that stocks Chinese-made goods, boycott the store. And tell them why.

In America, we don't have to take it any more. We have the right to speak out, and to vote with our dollars. It's just that simple.

Once upon a time, a few brave men dumped tea in Boston Harbor to protest unfair taxation. Why are their political and cultural descendants not doing the same thing with the China trade? Dump Chinese goods.

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  1. And THIS is why our trade balance with China is so huge?!
    They've been stealing music, books, movies, more for years.
    My Apple Powerbook has "Assembled in China", iPods? and iPhones?
    Anything we send there to be 'assembled' or 'made' or 'printed' in China seems to give them the license to steal it.
    Everything that comes out of China could also be dangerous, and often is. What kind of spyware, etc., might be included in electronic gear? like recent problems with digital photo frames?
    What are we going to do about it?


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