Friday, May 2, 2008

Memphis, TN & Mississippi Areas: Take Cover, Tornadoes Rampaging Through the Southeast, Historic Floods in Maine

The massive storm system that savaged Arkansas and roared through Oklahoma,Texas, and Kansas is stalking the southeast. (See below for earlier coverage) Memphis, TN, which recently endured a historic tornadic outbreak. and surrounding areas,are under the gun now.

So far, at least twenty tornado warnings have been issued across Tennessee. Live tracking and warnings are available from WREG and WMC-TV. (Photo courtesy of WREG/George Brown)

In February, one of our best friends saved his family's life with a telephone warning when local tornado sirens failed to go off. The family raced out of their home and into a ditch. Their home was shoved off its' foundation. The family is still recuperating from their injuries.

Theirs wasn't the only incredible story. A baby tossed by the storm survived--and was found in debris, although his mother died.

Areas of Virginia are still trying to clean up from late April tornadoes.

Note: if you try to get through to your family and can't in storm areas, feel free to contact the Peanut blog. We have resources.

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