Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Too Little, Too Late: Obama 'Disses Wright After 20 Years of Following "God Damn America" Pastor

Sen. Barack Obama, fighting for his political life and creditability, finally decided to 'dis Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Well, sort of.

The problem is that Obama sat in this man's church for twenty years, called him his mentor, teacher, guide. Now Obama is supposedly outraged by Wright.

We've heard of it taking awhile to catch on, but no one is going to believe that Obama now suddenly is "outraged" twenty years in. What he's really outraged about: Wright keeps grabbing the media spotlight.

Not only that, he's keeping a very sore issue alive, one that has led to intense scrutiny of Obama's real views about his country. Given that wife Michelle has only recently found reasons to be proud of America (i.e. her husband's rise to power), the Obamas, rich leftist elitists, may find that America isn't too thrilled with them, either.

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