Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Saffron Olympics:Dhina's Bloody Fist

The Washington Post scores with this accurate editorial about China's bloody oppression of other peoples and nations. As is being shown in the military slaughter in Myanmar, just as it was earlier demonstrated in Tibet, China intends to hammer other peoples into submission while using them to reap profits from international markets.

Between dangerous goods marketed to the United States and other nations and the drive to control and suppress the freedoms and cultures of others, China, in my view, is inherently unfit to host the Olympics.

BY NOW China's Communist rulers must have realized that one unintended consequence of hosting the 2008 Olympics is unprecedented global scrutiny of Beijing's retrograde foreign policy. For decades, one pillar of that policy has been the cynical political and economic exploitation of rogue states that most of the rest of the world shuns -- notably North Korea, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Burma. Under growing international pressure, and with the looming threat of a besmirched Olympics, Chinese policy is slowly changing. But not fast enough, as this week's events in Burma demonstrate.

In the past three days, Burma's ruling junta has carried out a bloody and criminal crackdown on a peaceful protest movement led by thousands of Buddhist monks. The regime admits that 10 people have died in the volleys of gunfire and the baton charges its soldiers have directed at demonstrators. More likely is that the death toll is in the scores. Hundreds of monks and democratic opposition activists have been rounded up at night and trucked away to unknown fates; troops have occupied and ransacked monasteries.

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