Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Slow down in fundraising hits Clinton, Obama

Interesting story, but why does it fail to mention totals for other candidates, including Republicans? Also, why does it fail to look into the possibility that the scandal over Norman Hsu might have impacted fund-raising for Clinton and Obama?

The torrid fundraising pace set by Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton is cooling faster than the housing market, with both camps claiming to raise millions less over the last three months than in previous quarters.

Obama is expected to pull in between $18 million and $19 million during the July-September reporting period, according to spokeswoman Jen Psaki -- $14 million to $15 million less than his $33 million second-quarter haul. Another Obama supporter, speaking on condition of anonymity, predicted that number could be somewhat higher, "in the low 20s."

Clinton will take in between $17 million and $19 million over the last three months, according to a person familiar with her fundraising.

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