Monday, September 3, 2007

The Screws Tighten in Bangladesh: Former PM Zia Jailed

The military-backed current government continues to jail academics, former leaders, and impose strict curfews and restrictions on gatherings and speech. Hundreds of officers made a large display as former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia was arrested and jailed.

The sweeps and jailings also scooped up Zia's main political rival, former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina earlier this year. So far, almost 200 officials have been arrested.

Charges of corruption have been made by the current government.

A former prime minister of Bangladesh has been arrested by security forces on charges of corruption.

Khaleda Zia was detained on Monday along with her younger son Arafat Rahman and taken to a court in the capital, Dhaka.

Police say they will bring a corruption case against the former prime minister, her son and 11 other people.

The court refused to grant bail, and jailed Zia until her trial begins.

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