Saturday, December 1, 2007

Drew Peterson Tried to Hire Truckers to Transport Package After Stacy Peterson Disappeared

This just in: the Illinois State Police have taken the extraordinary step of issuing an alert saying that former Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson and another male approached truckers and asked them to transport a package to an undisclosed location.

December 1, 2007 Trooper Mark T. Dorencz #4848
Safety Education Officer
Illinois State Police - District 5
(815) 726-6377 Ext. 271

JOLIET – On October 29, 2007 at approximately 3:30 am, two truck drivers were approached by two men at a truck stop in Bolingbrook , IL. One of the two men is believed to be Drew Peterson and the other described as a white male, early 50’s, salt-and-pepper hair, with a stocky build. The two men requested the truck drivers to transport a package to an undisclosed location. Upon reaching the location, the men would regain possession of the package and continue transporting it to a location not accessible by semi-trailers.

Anyone having a similar encounter is asked to contact the Illinois State Police at
815-740-0678 or America’s Most Wanted Hotline at 1-800-CRIME TV."

As Peterson tried to block a prayer vigil for missing fourth wife Stacy Peterson in his neighborhood, momentum continues to build in this increasingly bizaare case. His attorney, Joel Brodsky, whose own past includes loss of his law license for forging a check, continues to smear everyone else involved in Peterson's life.

Dr. Michael Baden remains firm that Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, was beaten and her death posed to look like a drowning. Found allegedly drowned in a dry bathtub, Savio had for years pleaded for help, to no avail, in dealing with Peterson's abuse. She, like other women in Peterson's life, had told others that Peterson bragged he could kill her, and as a cop, could make it look like an accident and get away with it.

The list of deaths, disappearances, and tragedies linked to the former Bolingbrook police officer continue to mouth. His step-brother, Thomas Morphey, tried to commit suicide after Peterson got him to help move a large container out of the Peterson home the day Stacy Peterson disappeared. Morphey, shaken, went to a friend and said that he was afraid he had just helped Peterson dispose of Stacy's body.

Here's a list of cases that 64 full-time Illinois investigators, the FBI, the Navy, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers--the military brought in to help with searches--are analyzing that are linked to Drew Peterson:

Fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who told clergy that Peterson had killed Savio, and who told family and friends that she was afraid Peterson would kill her and make it look like an accident.

Third wife, Kathleen Savio, whose body was exhumed for new autopsies after Stacy Peterson's death. When her body was found, Peterson had falsely called in a "welfare check," then gave false information to medical techs about a non-existent heart condition, and managed to get the tub cleaned up without adequate investigation. In essence, he labelled it an accident.

During Savio's marriage, Peterson was having an affair with a young woman, whose brother protested. The brother was found dead, and labelled as a suicide. The officer first on the scene? Drew Peterson.

A local man, Jeffrey Archer, dated one of Peterson's ex-wives, angering Peterson. According to police documents, he was found dead in Sanitary Shipping Canal, one mile east of Routes 83 and 171- Cook County. That area has also been searched for any trace of Stacy Peterson's remains.

The lid is only now being slowly pulled back off a very nasty pot of years of alleged Peterson misconduct, on and off the job. Before he rushed to retirement after Stacy's case hit the media spotlight, he had earlier been suspended for misconduct on the job.

Two decades earlier, he'd been fired for a series of actions, including revealing the name of an undercover narcotics officer to a known killer. Peterson, adept at talking his way out of trouble, managed to get his job back.

Peterson has been named as a suspect in Stacy's death. Savio's case is being re-examined.

The archives contain numerous articles with background on this developing story.


  1. I'm an employee at the truck stop in question.

    Maybe before 9/11 this story would have been at least semi-credible.

    With all the emphasis on national security, and the general level of distrust most of these drivers would have for "just some guy" propositioning them this way, it has passed into the the realm of "tall tale".

    Like the "rich truck driver" you always hear about, but all the people coming through the truckstop are barely scraping by.

    I've already gotten calls from Wyoming, with people DEMANDING to be put on the phone with the news crew they KNOW is there...


    Please, if you want your Jerry Springer-style 15 minutes, go elsewhere...

  2. Anonymous:

    Which truck stop is that? There are several in the general area.

    What is your job at the one you mention? And were you working overnight the night the men are said to have approached truckers?

    So what you are saying is that at no time, no how, nowhere, does anyone ever ask truckers to take off-load shipments? You personally know that? That no one could have/would have approached truckers for any nefarious reason at 3:30 a.m. that morning?

    Please feel free to respond. And to leave your name, too. We'll be interested to hear what else you have to say.

  3. Which truckstop:

    Bolingbrook, IL. Exit 267. I55 & Route 53, just south of the expressway.

    I spent a good part of the day today chasing reporters off the premises as per my employers' orders.

    No, I wasn't working the night in question. I HAVE been working there for the past 5-ish years, behind the counter. And I interact with the drivers quite frequently.

    As for taking off-load shipments. Pretty much all the drivers I deal with are dispatched drivers with specific loads. Many of which are sealed. The chance that one of these type of drivers would have broken a seal just to put on another package and make "a few bucks" from someone randomly wandering around the truckstop hovers somewhere around those of a snowflake's in hell.

    These guys don't take hitchers, they don't take undisclosed, undispatched packages without a clean bill of lading.

    Also, remember, these guys periodically have to stop at scales.

    Is it POSSIBLE, one of these guys was unscrupulous enough to do it?

    Sure. Anything is possible.

    Is it likely? HECK NO!

    While some of these guys may not be Einstein, they're usually a very canny lot.

    "Hey! Wanna take this package (don't ask) someplace (don't ask), and I'll give you a fiver..." trips alarms in these guys' heads.

    Now, take this as you will.

    What I've expressed here are my OPINIONS. Based on my interaction with truck drivers for the past several years.

    Could I be wrong? Sure. And if I am, I'll be the first one saying "My bad!"

    Right now, with what I've seen to date, I believe I'm right.

  4. Hey Peanut, it's magpie. Remember me? I wrote the following in my own words and now I see them on your blog. What? No hat tip? It's a common courtesy to give a hat tip if your going to use someones words. I'm impressed you like my writing so much that you assumed it was an official Press release, when in all reality, it was a paraphrase from a FOX News Alert on TV. Didn't you see my notation on my post, the one that said "this is in my own words... magpie" ?

    Check it out. Here's my post:

    And here's the part you "borrowed" without a hat tip:

    "On 10/29/07 Drew Peterson and another man with salt and pepper hair approched 2 men at a truck stop asked the truck drivers to transport a package to another location.

    The other man is described as a stocky man, mid 50's with salt and pepper hair. Drew Peterson was positively identified by the men.

    The truck drivers also said that Drew told them they (the truck drivers) were to take the large package on their truck to another undisclosed place, where Drew and the other man would then regain the package and take it themselves to yet another location that would not be accessable by an 18 wheeler.

    Illinois State Police are asking for imformation from anyone else who might have been approached by Peterson and the other man."

    You omitted one of my sentences however, you didn't like it? This is not the press Release.

    Since your comments are moderated I'm sure no one is going to see this except yourself. Just next time provide a link back to my work volume please, just a hat tip.

    No hard feelings.

    Thanks, magpie

  5. Hi anonymous, thanks so much for coming back and answering those questions.

    It sounds like you're saying that most truck drivers wouldn't take the off-the-record transport. And I believe that the original trucker who reported this refused to take the load.

    But I also think that we agree that no one can say that no one has ever tried to get truckers to take a package. Is that true?

    Magpie--no, I don't remember you. Of course I'm going to publish your comment, despite its snideness. And I've never been to the "crimeshots" forum. I just verified that by going there--in case I had been and had forgotten--and finding the intro page with that huge red thing in the middle of the page. As that sort of thing can be migraine-producing, I definitely would have remembered it (and I left immediately without going "inside").

    I'm sorry you feel that others are copying your "work." Yes, there was a summary sentence that referenced a second man with "salt and pepper hair." (Plus a sentence from the release that I, in error, didn't see I had used twice.)

    And, I'm not sure how the many many posts on the internet that reference a man with salt and pepper hair can properly be attributed to anything except the press release and TV reports.

    However, take a look--this time I included the trooper contact info on the press release,which I had omitted before. And the summary sentence that uses the phrase "salt and pepper hair" has been removed. Not that I think that your complaint has any validity--especially as, you note, the information was broadcast on TV, which is where you copied it from--but simply to point out the silliness of running from blog to blog trying to get fights going.

    Here's a post on the FindStacyPeterson forum, which I just researched:

    "WTF?? Just broke on FNC. Drew told truck driver he would pay to transport package and Drew would P/u at undisclosed location and continue transport as semi wouldnt have access to final destination!!

    Police alerted media to get the word out in case other truck drivers were approached by Drew and the other man 50 y/o salt and pepper hair.


    However, the poster's sign-in name was hmmmm.

    And, yea, here's a "hat tip" to a post on a forum that before now, I didn't even know existed.

    In the future, posts by you will be rejected.

  6. And just to make it clear that this claiming of the typing in of a Fox News broadcast as wholly owned is, well, somewhat silly is this out-take from the Chicago Tribune:

    "The man said to be Peterson, 53, was accompanied by a white male in his early 50s with salt-and-pepper hair and a stocky build, the statement said."

    I suspect that the poster with the complaint may have her/his own book in mind and hence the attacks on people here and there, including the controversy stirred up at Find Stacy Peterson. The tarring of Greta Van Susteren and her team, as well as inciting controversy with bloggers on her site, will only serve to profit the Drew Peterson team--and potentially discredit the FSP site.

    And that is pretty darned awful.

  7. to the person working at that truck stop: You're ignoring the fact that the two truckers Drew may have approached DIDN'T take the package. For all we know Drew couldn't find anyone to take it. This would back up your statement that no one would, but wouldn't disprove the notion that Drew approached people about it.

  8. However, you're ignoring the fact that, nowadays, some stranger asking a trucker to take an unspecified package is something that normally would trigger an immediate call to the police.


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