Thursday, November 29, 2007

Drew Peterson Killed Kathleen Savio, Said Missing Wife Stacy

Before she went missing, Stacy Peterson told clergy and friends that her husband, former Bolingbrook cop, Drew Peterson killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio, according to Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Stacy, Peterson's fourth wife, also warned that if she disappeared Peterson would have killed her. Savio, who supposedly drowned in a dry bathtub, told her family and friends the same thing.

Even though Savio filed a protective order, made 18 abuse complaints,and wrote to an assistant state attorney pleading for help, she was ignored. Following a post-exhumation autopsy, expert Dr. Michael Baden said her death was a homicde.

Peterson, once fired for revealing the identity of an uncover officer to a known killer, has a history of lying, cheating, and abuse. He allegedly threatened three of his wives with death , bragging that because he was a cop he could make a murder look like an accident.

The day she disappeared, Stacy reportedly told Peterson to get out of the house as she began divorce proceedings. Are there multiple motives for Stacy Peterson's disappearance and possible homicide?

Follow the money. When Savio died, Peterson was freed from child support and alimony. He also inherited more than $1.5 million in various assets.

If Stacy Peterson divorced him, she could claim one-half of those assets, as well as child support for their two children and a part of his $72,000 a year pension. If her claims about Savio's death were true, she could also name Peterson as a killer, making her disappearance a double win for Peterson: protecting the money and removing a threat to a murder cover-up.

The Peterson investigation, which now includes the FBI and dozens of Illinois cops, is gaining momentum. Still unknown: the whereabouts of Thomas Morphey, Peterson's step-brother, who reportedly helped Peterson move a large blue bin out of the Peterson's bedroom the day Stacy disappeared.

Morphey, sources say, then became distraught, and said that he was afraid that he had helped Peterson move Stacy's body. He wound up in the hospital with a drug overdose in what is currently being called a suicide attempt.

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