Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is Will Smith Plays a Scientology Recruiting Card; Tom Cruise Throws a Tantrum Over Morton Book

Left to right: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes,Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Jada Smith, Will Smith

Rumors are flying after popular actor Will Smith began handing out "free" Scientology personality test cards on the set of his new film. Smith also has said that Scientology is "like Buddhism."

What? Play that one again, Will. We didn't quite get the reasoning behind that weird pairing.
Also weird: the similiarity between the outfits chosen by Victoria Beckham and Jada Smith for that night out.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise isn't jumping on any more sofas, as he did for Oprah. Instead, he's having a $100 million dollar temper tantrum

$100 million? And to think that for many of us, "church issues" means deciding between putting marshmellows or pineapple in the jello for the next potluck supper. Between this alien invasion of Hollywood and Garrison Keeler's Lake Woebegone, we'll take Lake Woebegone. Pass the hot dish, please.


  1. Andrew can't-get-any-lower Morton's on-the-record sources — grade-school ''friends,'' former neighbors, disgruntled ex-Scientologists — are many rings away from his chosen bull's-eye. The lack of fresh material is manifest in desperate stretching (Cruise went to high school in Glen Ridge, N.J., and a decade later, there was a rape case involving...Glen Ridge high schoolers!), family arcana (Cruise's grandfather's cousin's academic works fill 8.3 cubic feet in a library — noted!), and the uncategorizably bizarre (after reading that Church leader David Miscavige is ''two years older if two inches shorter'' than Cruise, I felt two seconds older if two IQ points dumber).


    Ah, another know-nothing bio about Tom. Thanks to EW for saving me time and money.

  2. Hi Lu, thanks for commenting--and for the link to the article. We'll check it out!

  3. Hi Luana,

    Thanks for posting the same comment you post everywhere else this Tom Cruise/Andrew Morton story is mentioned.

    Keep up the good work! KSW!

    Keep proving what most of the world already knows about Scientology!


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