Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Primary: McCain Wins, Clinton Edging Obama, Shakes Up Campaign. Carville On Tap?

"We make our history--we are not its victims", John McCain said to a cheering crowd in tonight's victory speech.

Much to pundits' surprise, the "old man", John McCain, the tough, uncompromising Vietnam POW, swept the New Hampshire primary today.

On the Democrat side of the race, it's just about neck and neck, with Hillary Clinton slightly edging Barack Obama at this time. Predictions had been that Obama would decisively down Clinton.

Rumors abound that Clinton is going to shake up her campaign staff, and bring on some old tried-and-true President Bill Clinton era staffers. Among them: James Carville, Hillary's own former White House chief of staff Maggie Williams, ad guru Roy Spence and possibly Paul Begala. Carville and Begala, however, are stoutly denying that they'll get into the game on Clinton's behalf.

Clinton had already scheduled a key post-New Hampshire staff meeting to plan her campaign re-structuring. Just floating Carville's name might have boosted Clinton's campaign.

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