Monday, January 7, 2008

Swiftboating 2008: Toor is a Bore; Romney's a Mormon! Oh my!


Flack Darryl Toor's media-churning release declaring that a swiftboating, via book, of a presidential candidate would be unleashed today turned out to be a non-starter. Despite the hyerbole, the fuss was about--surprise!--a book attacking Mitt Romney for being Mormon.

Boy, that's an original idea. Who ever would have thought such a thing might happen in the first presidential campaign with a Mormon front-runner? It's not like John F. Kennedy's bid to be the first Catholic president made waves.

Ok, we'll stop with the sarcasm now. But let's face it: the frenzied hype and today's press conference to shill for a "a Mormon can't do a good job as an elected official" book aren't exactly divine revelation. (Ooops, there's that sarcasm thing again! But this sinking boat just begs for it.)

Toor and his Attention Group only offered up a cheap, sleazy, attention-seeking sideshow for an issue that, like Grandma's cabbage, has been chewed twice (more than twice, actually, if your granny's cabbage was anything like mine). The book Toor was tooting up is Mitt-Set Our People Free! by Mike Moody.Toor describes Moody as " a twice-decorated US Army war hero and a maverick Republican who,four years ago, was the Nevada Coordinator of Republicans for Kerry."

Guess that swiftboating ploy used on Sen. John Kerry really caught on with these guys.

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